Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Un test mas

Hice otro test, en el sitio de una chica en UK (Inglaterra)

Segun su test califico como princesa, que lindo no creen.

Aqui esta el resultado en Ingles.

The T*Test - You scored: 4939

A princess amongst us. Your aloof manner belies your council-estate upbringing, but you've risen above the gloom to fly like a butterfly. Never one to complain when two will do, you flit around with a glass of champagne in your hand, paying homage to your subjects. You attempt perfection and achieve adequacy, but a very handsome adequacy it is.

A personality to die for, a colour-scheme to dye for, a Welshman to Di for, the world is your cockle.

Our advice: Take a cold shower to a jumble sale and walk slowly so as to avoid Leicestershire.

Y pueden hacer el test en Vicky's Vault

1 comment:

Lizbeth said...

ahyy pero q fea princesaa esa no podias poner una foto mas bonita jiji una de Disney deperdida jaja