Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Un e-mail extraño, estupido , no deseado e insultante

Standing Tones

Pues recibi un email de una persona identificada como Paul de un tal sioto llamado (li- ve -y -oo)

Basicamente lo que dice el correo es que me una a su sitio en internet para hacer apariciones via webcam a cambio de pagarme. O sea en otras palabras quieren contratarme para que sea una (pro- sti- ti -tut -a) via webcam

Estoy enojadisima, quien diablos se creen que soy

Una furiosa

Aqui esta la copia del correo, me da flojera traducirlo, asi que lo copio en ingles


We have the pleasure to offer you a fantastic occasion to make money and to have a lot of amusement at the same time.

We look for models girls, tranny or shemales of all over the world, alone or in couple of all the countries including Asia, Arabia, Latino, Africa, America and Europe.

Requirements Models:
* You are attractive, confident?
* Being relaxed in front of your WebCam?

Not Travels To work.
More than On-line Hours = More Profit.

Our Dutch company is the specialist webcam.

I take care of the sector of the models, girls, tranny and shemale which is the good sector with the webcam, we have many customers.

You can to work at home with our system
You need

1) Your artist's name
2) 6 photos of you
3) We have a discription very detailed how to install
- Required equipment: Pentium 4 or equivalent, Windows XP, Almost every camera USB works, but the best is Logitech Sphere.
As our video is good quality, you need a rather good webcam,
But one not expensive, there is in about of 100 $ rather good, if there is a zoom with remote control it is better to satisfy the customers.
- The requirements of connection are a debit of minimum 256Ko Almost every Cable Or Adsl works.

There are two sorts of video chat
The private cat is a gossip
And the nudechat is a gossip the price is less expensive but he can there have several customers joined on the same model, 1 , 2 , 3, 5 , 10 or more without limit. And so more profit

You receive 50 % of incomes, the other companies give only 30 %

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El Primo Ralsa said...

Si te consuela no creo que sea un correo personal, es decir, debe de ser un correo masivo porque conozco más gente a la que le ha llegado.